Wall Panel

GRC Wall Panel

GRC Wall Panel

GRC Wall Panel is a cutting-edge and innovative choice. It is a composite fabric that combines concrete and glass fibers, resulting in a lightweight but strong and durable product.

Our products use superior techniques and the finest quality input from trustworthy sellers. In addition, our professionals also check the quality of these products on diverse industry parameters.

For the Delhi/NCR area, we provide services for a minimum of 1000 square feet, and for other cities, we provide 15000 square feet of area

GRC Facade Panels

GRC facade panels, or Glass Reinforced Concrete facade panels, are progressive architectural elements that integrate concrete and glass fibers. These panels offer a light-weight but long lasting solution for enhancing the exterior aesthetics of homes. GRC facade panels are known for his or her versatility in layout, imparting architects and builders with the power to create specific and visually appealing facades. The use of GRC in facade panels guarantees a present day, efficient, and aesthetically beautiful answer for both residential and commercial structures. 

3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels are artistic and contemporary design factors that add intensity and texture to interior areas. These panels create a three-dimensional effect on partitions, bringing a sense of class and fashion to houses or commercial settings. Crafted from numerous materials along with PVC, MDF, or bamboo, 3D wall panels provide a flexible and customizable answer for remodeling plain partitions into dynamic focal points. The interplay of mild and shadow on those panels enhances the visible appeal, making them a famous desire for indoor decor, growing a unique and immersive atmosphere in any room. 

GRC Decorative Panels

GRC Decorative Panels​

GRC decorative panels, where GRC stands for Glass Reinforced Concrete, are fascinating design factors that mix aesthetics with sturdiness. These panels, crafted from a composite fabric of concrete and glass fibers, provide a lightweight but robust solution for embellishing interiors and exteriors. GRC ornamental panels are available in numerous shapes and patterns, taking into account innovative and customized designs. Whether used for accent partitions, facades, or inventive installations, those panels upload a touch of sophistication and modernity to spaces whilst preserving the realistic advantages of GRC, inclusive of climate resistance and flexibility in design.


  • Termite resistance
  • Sturdy structure
  • Exquisite style
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